Winter Newsletter 🌴

Thank you all for staying in touch with us! It was heart warming to get all of your emails, cards, orders, and calls. After two months I figured out how to forward the gallery phone to my cell phone! So, if you have been calling, and I did not respond, it is because I never got the call, and probably never will! You can call me now, at the gallery number (340) 776-6944.

I am so sorry many of you are in the cold, while it is beautiful here! Who knew St. John would come back so fast? Certainly not those of us who live here! But it is true, the trees are all green, and growing. The coconut trees that made it, all have new sprouts coming out of the tops. Mother nature has a way of pruning things, then watering (50+inches of rain), and then just watch it grow! So visually, the island has come back. The National Park beaches too are all cleaned and water is still turquoise, and inviting. I was told the water temperature was 80 degrees last weekend! Even if the government shuts down, the National Park Beaches are OPEN on St. John!

We have had cooling breezes, and rain showers at 5AM almost daily to wash everything off, and keep it fresh. And I understand there are plenty of places to rent on St. John, probably at a discount this year. If you only had experienced Caneel or Westin, try some thing new! There is no need to make reservations at the restaurants. Almost all are open now, with great food, and good prices. Airline prices are falling, now that the holiday season has passed. What is keeping you?

All of that said….. Coconut Coast Studios has been in construction mode. We have replaced railings, and shutters, bathroom tile, and built a new kitchen! Our opening date is February 14th! Valentines Day! What better day to celebrate a new beginning at Coconut Coast Studios. There will be new art work on display, along with freshly painted walls. It has been said that I am clairvoyant…due to the fact that I titled the 2018 calendar REFLECTIONS of St. John. Not true, but it does give me pause. The things that I love the most about St. John are in this calendar. Sorry to say, it is sold out! But, you can still see the images if you check out our web site. And there are the originals for sale. A Giclee reproduction is also available of your favorite image, just contact us with the size you desire.

We are also very excited to announce our new website, which was created and designed by Laura Kåmark and Sandy Feet Web Design. It was time to upgrade my website, to reflect the changes to the Studio. Please do check it out at And let us know what you think! I find it very easy to navigate, and hope you do as well. There will be new additions monthly, so please come back often. Even if just to dream of a warmer place!

I hope to see you sometime in 2018. Please come check out the gallery, Truffle (yes, she is still with me!) and how many new grey hairs Jennifer and I have from our many adventures.
Thank you all for being a lover of St. John!
Love City Strong,