Sunset Party

We hope to resume the Sunset parties in February. Due to damages of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, we have had to delay them.

Updates from the St. John Flutes.

Katha Ricciardi lost the roof to her home, and has been dealing with the aftermath. She had her flute refurbished, but left it on island, only to come home to things growing out of it. Meanwhile, while in Italy, Katha had her 50+ year old flute refurbished, and brought it home to St.John with her. She will be playing an antique flute, and we will all enjoy her sweet notes.

Rich unfortunately had his house slide down the hill. It now sits on a 45 degree angle. He has refurbished his studio, which did not share the same fate, and hopes to bring his house slowly up to level again. He too had to totally refurbish his flute, and saxophone. We are all enjoying the sounds at the Open Mic on Wednesdays at Sundog, in Mongoose Restaurant.