Love the view from your villa? A special memory at one of the beaches? How about your dog or cat in a hammock? Have Elaine paint your favorite scene.

Email us or call (340) 776-6944 for more information on commissioned originals.

Commission Prices:

11” x 14” 1/4 sheet $800
15” x 11” Deckle edge $900
22” x 15” 1/2 sheet $1,500
20” x 16” Standard size $1,500
22” x 30” Full sheet $4,000
26” x 40” Elephant sheet $6,000

Once a size has been agreed upon, a date for completion is agreed upon by both parties.
At this time a deposit of 50% is due

How to pick the right size for what you want:

1/4 sheet & Deckle edge: Both work well for single subject pieces, a bird, flowers, etc. The smaller sized sheets have subjects that are the focus of the piece

What is deckle edge? A deckle edge is created when the paper is made, it’s the natural edge of the sheet rather than a cut edge. The deckle edge is uneven or rough (rather than a straight, cut edge) and the paper thins slightly.

1/2 sheet: This size is great for vertical triptychs or for panoramic views

Standard size: This is the size used for most of the calendar pieces

Full sheet: This is the recommended size for a dog in hammock painting. It’s large enough to have all the details of the dog in the hammock, along with the trees, flowers and ocean view. The original of Dog Days in Paradise is this size.

Elephant sheet: This size is great for large landscapes or underwater scenes to hang over couches or beds. Cruz Bay Overlook 2009 (see below) was painted on this size sheet.