Fall Newsletter 🌴

Hello to all!  

Writing this newsletter in the spirit of the season, with much gratitude and good will towards all.  You have all shown us just how special you hold St John in your hearts.  So, this is a progress update on St. John, and Coconut Coast Studios, and a look towards the future.  

It’s again the time to count our blessings and give thanks for what we have.  It may be very difficult for many this year but each of us here has a valid reason to be grateful: we are still given the chance to fulfill the reason for this life of ours.  And many of us are just grateful to be alive!  

Nothing stays the same but St. John will bounce back stronger than before.  Its magic will keep nourishing the soul of whoever is open to perceive its extraordinary beauty.  On my (rusty) refrigerator is a sign…. “Everything has beauty” – Confucius.  I see it daily in the people, the birds, plants, water and sky.  

We have been working very hard to clean up the debris around Coconut Coast Studios, wash, paint, and renew our spirits.  The plan is to be open for Christmas, with the first cocktail party on January 3, 2018.  I will keep you all posted!  We do have power….kind of, and a mobile phone…. some of you have tried calling the 340-776-6944 number.  There is an message on it, but really…. it is not connected to anything!  If you left us a message there, we didn’t get it, and probably will not get it until next year!  Email works excellent!  

There are still 2018 calendars available for purchase. Please order on our website, www.coconutcoaststudios.com. Order soon if you would like the calendar to arrive BEFORE Christmas. If anyone has ordered a calendar and not yet received it, please email us to let us know!
Happy, Happy Thanksgiving and let’s look forward to a bright tomorrow.

Thank you for caring!